Monday, November 17, 2008

Mr. Peanut

So I am loving my animation class... it has totally consumed my life away from home (and a lot of it there, too). I haven't gone to my gen ed health class in like a month. That's how bad (or good) this obsession has become.
And to prove it, here is my second flour sack drop animation for the class (the first one was up to nearly 400 frames--and looking decent-- before I scrapped it for something simpler). This one got mostly good reviews, except I guess he's too rubbery. Oh, and Kelly said that he looks more like a peanut than a sack of flour (which is true. My bad!). Hopefully I can go back and fix it up, but I kinda like what I've got. Let me know what you think (oh, and sorry if it's too dark)!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gorilla On My Back

For some strange reason, the past couple of weeks I have seen a sharp decline in my figure drawing abilities, especially during class. I've hit some kind of slump (which is sad considering I wasn't great to begin with), and I'm currently researching preferred methods of major league baseball players for getting out of said slump.
Today was particularly frustrating in figure drawing class, until we got to do caricatures of each other! What fun that was! I was quite happy with how mine turned out, and since there is no more room on my mom's fridge, I decided I'd post them here! I hope you enjoy these vague resemblances of people you probably don't know...

This is Elle (she has a super-cool blog here). Her jaw is not nearly this square and masculine...

This is Garrett (he does not have a super-cool blog here). One time in class he had the hiccups for like two hours straight. Now that you know a little bit about him, doesn't this caricature look just like him?

This is Allen (he has a super-cool blog with an infinitely better portrait of Elle here). He has some cool hair (I'm jealous). He's not really this blurry in real life.

This is Claire (not to be confused with the Claire who has a super-cool blog here). Yes, that moustache was really there. No, it is not a real moustache.

And this was my favorite of the night, the legendary Johnathan Whiting. He's been caricature-ing me left and right in goblin poses all semester, and I am glad to say I got him back. I got him back good. (He has a super cool blog here and here.)

Anyways, thanks for the indulge!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"It's Better than 'Barf Bag'..."

I was assigned to whip up a poster for my job, encouraging patrons to copyright their work (and to respect everything else that has been copyrighted).

I didn't always feel so strongly about this kinda stuff (copyrights, not cavemen)... but then my wife started recording music (check it out here) and now I realize how important it is to respect someone else's livelihood. Lots of people hearken to "thou shalt not steal," right? Well, taking something that isn't meant to be free is stealing.

Sorry to get all preachy on you. To make up for it, here's a picture of what I would look like if I were a rodeo princess (which I'm not).