Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blathering Blatherskite!!!

When I was a kid, I thought Gizmoduck was the coolest. He had such an awesome techno-suit filled with all sorts of mind-boggling gadgets.

Man, when I was like 6 or 7, I wanted to be Gizmoduck so badly.
(yes, I had a mullet)
 Problem was, I didn't have a beak, and I wasn't allowed to swear. So I decided to make my own suit. 

I had it all worked out-- white t-shirt with the logo drawn on it, cool 1992 sunglasses, my sister's Barbie car (to act as the tire)...

...and for the arm-band thingies? I needed something long and white... my dad's socks were perfect!!! I would just cut up four or five pairs. He wouldn't mind, right?

I must say, the costume came together better than I expected. I looked just like Gizmoduck! I was ready to save Duckburg! I hoped my dad would like it.

When he walked in, his reaction was better than I could have dreamed!

He started swearing!
I was sooo excited!
I knew that at any minute, a high-tech suit was gonna come bursting through the door and he was gonna become....


But that's not quite what happened....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ye Olde SketcheDumpe

These are more like doodles than sketches, but I thought they were fun.