Friday, December 23, 2011


It's fun being a poor artist-- for birthday presents, you can just draw a picture of your friend or relative, wrap it up, give it to the birthday boy or girl and call it good. (It works even better if it's a picture of them that you give.)

So, happy birthday, oh small, winged niece of mine. As always, watch out for birds of prey and bug-zappers.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Draw Me!

I love caricatures..... and I particularly love caricatures of myself. It's fun to see someone else capture little features or expressions of mine that I know so well. It's a blast getting a glimpse of how other people see me.

Recently at work they started a "Caricature Door" where everyone on the animation team posts all the drawings they've done of each other (but had previously kept hidden). It turns out I'm one of the more popular subjects. That means either I'm really fun to draw or really easy to draw (or both). Either way, I love it.

And I'd like to issue a challenge-- send me your drawings of me! I'm sure any of you who know me have secret sketchings of me that are in some old sketchbook somewhere. Or even if you don't know me, whip up a sketch anyway and email them to me! I'm going to be keeping a page on this blog called "Draw Me!" where I document all such sketchbookery. Send them in! rabidmilkman(at)gmail(dot)com

This might seem a little self-centered, but that's not the intent. I just laugh really hard when I see an awesome drawing of myself in all my stout-and-bald glory.

So here are a few draw-rings of me from friends and co-workers.

 The first is from Nigel Style, animation guru at Avalanche.

This beauty came from Thomas Estrada, my mentor at Avalanche.

And this of course is from the late, great Scott Gwynn. I say late because he missed our carpool this morning.