Monday, February 23, 2009

Sketchers Anonymous

So a few friends and I have started up a sketch group. We're hoping to head out every week and... uh... sketch. Last week we just went to the mall (simple) but ended up sketching for almost two hours. Good times! I'm hoping this is just what we need to really help our chances of getting into the program.
Oh, and by the way, we've started up a blog to post our stuff. Stop by and take a look! (If you wanna join our little escapades, just let us know)
Since I'm on a mean streak of including an image for 22 posts in a row, I'll post a small sampling of the fruits of our efforts here.


Rapha said...

Hey Aaron, I starting to like this blog thing. It will be cool posting our sketches every week. See ya man

$Ice$Man said...

Did you say you were at a nursing home or the mall?

Rapha said...

Cynthia told me to draw with my right hand because I sucked with the left, just joking. She said it helps the brain to get used to ugly drawings. With my left, all my drawings were really still, so she told me to do that to loosen up. Its working by far