Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bluffington's Dark Knight

Doug was my favorite show growing up, hands-down. Not Disney's Doug, mind you. We're talking old-school, early-nineties, one of the three original NickToons Doug. This is one of the few shows that not only hold up over the years, but it's actually gets better with age (like a fine cheese or George Burns). Unfortunately it hasn't seen a really big DVD release yet (just a burn-on-demand from amazon.com).

Jim Jinkins and Fred Newman are geniuses. Just so you know.

I whipped up this little piece for the Y Not Art Blog. The topic was "favorite show as a kid".

In other non-news, I've added a snazzy little feature to this blog: I call it "Three You Must See". It's over in the right-hand column. Basically every so often I'll list three blogs that have caught my attention lately, in an effort to share the love. Good stuff over there! Check it out!

Also, being an insanely religious person, I decided to start a blog for the spiritual side of me. I call it Me and My Hope. Feel free to take a look if you're interested.


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Will Strong said...

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. As a child I named my turtle 'Porkchop.'