Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learning Flash

This is a test from my first run through of character animation in Adobe Flash. It's an incredibly intimidating program, but now that I'm learning it (a tiny tiny bit), it's been a blast.

I'm hoping to turn this into a minute-or-so-long "commercial". (there will be more than walking involved. Promise!)


maryandaaronludwig said...

He needs some Jazz music or something behind him! This looks great!

Joel Deehr said...

I like it dude! Flash-tastic

Holly Jolly said...

Are you just teaching yourself flash? I want to learn that beast of a program.

That walk gots style! I like how it feels both traditional and 'flash' like in the animation movement, it is a flattering blend.

Meredith said...

this looks awesome! Its a great walk cycle. Also, way to go, not making it look too "Flashy" it looks very natural.