Friday, July 17, 2009

My Father is a Triceratops....

My favorite artist right now is probably none other than the great Anthony Holden (that "probably" really took the umph out of that glowing intro...). While I don't claim to possess one iota of the talent that Anthony does (I don't even claim to know what an iota is...), I do love his style, and tried to emulate it with this piece.
(This also doubles as a piece for the Y Not Art Blog! Two stones with one bird!)


Will Strong said...

This is so much fun. I too am in awe of what Anthony creates. Have you seen his animated short? Glorious and Hilarious.

Anthony Holden said...

Aaron--that's so flattering, but chocolate speaks louder than words.
This piece is lots of the way congratulations on the (relatively) new arrival! Hope you guys are well, and I'll see you on campus real soon-like.