Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Professor Proboscis and Herbie the Cab-Driving Pigeon Meet Their Doom

The Professor got eaten alive; Herbie got lung cancer.

Final for Joe Olson's Drawing for Animation class. I can't say how much I learned in this class, not just about composition, line quality, perspective, etc. but about all the thought that needs to go behind drawing, sketching and developing. Thanks Joe!


Joel Deehr said...

As I read this, I imagined "the more you know" logo flashing across the screen.

Will Strong said...

Joe was one of the best teachers I had during my whole time at BYU. (I bet he'd surprised to hear that.)

Josh Cotton said...

ROFL! This is amazing! I think that's about the coolest buddy-action film ever. Too bad they dieded.