Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recent Random Happenings Presented in Sketchbook Form

My daughter just turned two just a few days ago (hopefully the terrible two's aren't quite this bad).

My wife hails from central Utah, where they have a Scandanavian festival every year. You meet lots of interesting folks there. Whether or not you draw them well is another story.

I just started my internship at Avalanche (Disney Interactive), and I must say I'm absolutely loving it. I've learned so much there already in such a short time. One of the fun parts is sketching people on the train/bus.

I said this today:


Scott C. Gwynn said...

Nice! Your drawing of Lilly is especially appealing.

"TORI CAT" said...

Iv just stumbled across your blog, and im really glad i did. You have some fantastic work!
Great character designs and i really likr your CG animation. :)
The student project with the boy in the space suit looks very impressive!!
Keep up the fab work and i'll make sure to come by back soon!!
Best wishes,

Anthony Holden said...

Happy Birthday, Lily!

Keep up those bus sketches, Aaron. Really great stuff!

Tyson Murphy said...