Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wish Upon a Whale!

One of my favorite collaborative blogs is the Toon Club. I've been wishing on a star that they would invite me to join....and they even received a stirring endorsement of my work from none other than... myself (my mom wasn't home). Haven't heard back yet, but the wishing continues (and the wondering if Jiminy Cricket was full of hooey); and in the meantime I decided to work on my own rendition of their newest topic (simply called "beach"). This is a rough draft of an idea that will be a bit bigger and feature more characters (and, I promise, it'll be less depressing!). Anyway, let me know what you think (and find out how you can help save the whales!). But I sure appreciate all the recent comments from y'all (and yes, mom, I'm wearing clean underwear every day).


Mary said...

So this one time my sister Karen was home from college and she was saying she wished somebody would call to hang out with her...so I did. She was SO excited when my mom said the phone was for her...but so mad when it was me. So...I hope this isn't another one of those moments. But I LOVE this picture SO much. I want to laugh and cry at the same time. It's so adorable!
Hang in there. Jiminy Crickett will pull through for you. He always has for me. ;)
Love ya

Clairictures said...

hahaha! I really like this one. Not just because I love whales, but because this guys expression is PRICELESS. I mean, look at that guy! How could you not want to save him?
Very nice, I'm loving this.

Laura said...

awww, poor whale! Save him! save him! Push him back in!

Haha, I enjoyed reading your "Artists..." list. They're pretty rad. You can take the "i'm jealous of" off, though - you'll be at the same level as we are soon enough! :)

Heather Dixon said...

Ooo I like that design!