Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy August!

Holy canoli, the weeks just fly by. Summer term is almost gone, and Fall semester is just an Education Week behind. Things are going really well - I'm still learning a lot in my drawing class; but I'm learning much much more by viewing the work of so many talented artists (check the sidebar and browse their work! You may never come back to my blog again!). All in all, this translates into a couple of things for me: a) I'm drawing more, and b) those drawings are less and less resembling the section of the Friend magazine where the readers send in their own art.

Anyway, just to attach a visual to this post, here is something I made for an assignment in my Masterpieces of British Literature class. We got to kind of "translate" (in this case illustrate) the main theme of a poem. I chose Coleridge's "This Lime Tree Bower My Prison". Basically I used a tag cloud to find the most common words and transposed them over a portrait of the poet (that I did not draw), to give the sense that the work of any artist serves to shape who they really are (at least to the reader). It was hastily done (then done even more hastily after the original was lost), but I kinda like it. Enjoy.

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