Friday, September 23, 2011

It's O-fish-al

So for a long time my favorite blog has been Fishmen in Top Hats, featuring the doodle-a-day talents of Scott and Jeff.  The premise is basically to post just about every day, keep things fun and creative and just have a good ol' time.

Well I'm lucky enough to be a part of that now! Wahoo! Hopefully I can keep up. (Also joining me in the rookie ranks are Jonny and Joey.)

This is my first post there.

Head on over there and give us a follow!


No, really, I mean it.

Do it.

Why are you still here?


Allison Holden said...

Yeah--I love that blog. Some talented dudes you're hanging out with.

Allison Holden said...

PS, you can just pretend that this is Anthony...who may or may not be too lazy to log out of his wife's account.

Josh H. Black said...

Man that's a good idea! Wish I could join in on the fun but I guess I'll just be a follower for now...Nice sketch btw